(408) 494-3278

344 Tully Road San Jose, CA 95111



Rules and Requests

1. Please turn off or silence cell phones
2. All Players must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID
3. Seats are for Bingo players only
4. All Players must have their receipt in plain view
5. Splitting of packs is not allowed
6. Winners must have last number called
7. Winners must yell loud enough so that the Bingo caller can hear them
8. Once the next number is called your Bingo will not be valid so please yell loudly
9. All winning Bingos must be verified
10. Two or more winners split prize money
11. All winners must sign and print their names legibly to collect winnings
12. No Refunds after first game number is called
13. Games are subject to change without notice
14. Fairgrounds Bingo reserves the right to ask anyone to leave for rule violation
15. The decision of the Floor Manager is final in all disputes.



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